Cornwall, my arse

24 Apr
E is for Emmets

E is for Emmets (Photo credit: wallygrom)

Cornish language street sign

Cornish language street sign (Photo credit: Paul Stainthorp)

Cornish flag

Cornish flag (Photo credit: madnzany)

The shifting of the linguistic boundary in Cor...

The shifting of the linguistic boundary in Cornwall 1300-1750 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

South West England

South West England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Living In The Dark Ages

Beyond the West Country lands of fair Somerset and Devon

Lies a region called Cornwall, to some, quite heaven

But beware! If you ain’t remotely local

They’ll let you know with a bit of vocal

With lots of stares and gossip, just about you

‘Cos well, you see, you ain’t exactly white

Oh, and you’re an Emmet ‘cos you ain’t Cornish too

And in the repressive South West, well buddy, that just ain’t right.

The adventures of Dark Skinhead

You either love Cornwall, or you either loathe it. I’m one of many that loathe it. Why? Because I spent four years living there and there wasn’t a moment where I didn’t get stared at, gossiped at (and usually in full view, quite blatantly) or verbally abused at. And as far as I and lots of other people are concerned you might as well just do away with the Tamar Bridge and give the Duchy its independence it so craves for. Forget that holiday guide rubbish Caroline Quentin presents (and she used to be SO much better when she was on tv or radio…sighs). There is a vastly great difference between visiting a place and living in a place, especially if you live in some hick village where most people know each other and gossipping is literally a pastime. Literally.

I’m going to give you an excerpt from my poem book aptly entitled “Tales of the…

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